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Since a Joomla! template is the main source for the definition of the way a website will be displayed, it is of most importance for the creation of a Joomla! website to understand the concept of and the actual creation of a template. This documentative wiki contains many pages about this subject, but it is a bit hard to find them. Therefor I created this page making all kind of references to information on this site about the subject.

Joomla! distributed templates

When you install Joomla! (read Installation Guide, either from the first time or (from scratch) for every new Joomla! site you create, you will most likely be installing the three default templates by Joomla! too.

These templates are:

Name Description
beez wow about the birds and the bees
JA_Purity nice and easy
rhuk_milkyway Quick and easy (not for an absolute beginner) understandable

Reference pages on this website

There are several remarks to be made:

  1. Documentation on the subject seems (January 2010) to be far from complete. So please help the communicty!
  2. Even the documentation on only three equivalent subjects is not consistent. beez is a 'normal' page, JA_Purity and rhuk_milkyway seem to have the form of a Tutorial. Authors: please make it look more professional and agree to adapt the same format for all of the three subjects.
  3. some authoprs have started (sub) projects and seem to loose time (I have no problem with that, ot is how the world turns), but others seem to hesitate to take over the authoring... DON'T let Joomla! die on lack of interest from the part of the community.