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Brand Identity Elements
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This is a multiple article series on the basic guidelines for the correct usage of the graphic elements of Joomla’s identity, in order to create high quality, visually stunning communication materials.

Begin with the Introduction, and navigate the articles in this series by using the navigation button at the bottom or the box to the right (Articles in this series).

The relationship (size, positioning, colours, etc.) of the brand identity elements should never be altered in any way.

Important Notes

About the Joomla! wordmark

The Asenine Wide font used for the Joomla! wordmark is considered a branding typeface associated with the Joomla! name and trademark. The use of this typeface is reserved exclusively for the Joomla! wordmark and the signature. Usage as title font for headings and graphics or in connection with other content are not allowed.

  • Do not use Asenine Wide for your business signature X-mark.png: Do not use the typeface to brand your company and your products as Joomla! related products without specific authorization of the Joomla! Project.
  • Do not use Asenine Wide in graphics X-mark.png: Do not use the typeface for headings and graphics or in connection with other content.
  • Use Asenine Wide only on graphics and signatures approved by the Joomla! Project Checkmark.png: Use the typeface for project-approved and Joomla-related brand, like JoomlaDay.

About the registered indicia

The Joomla! logo must always appear with the common registered mark (R). The registered trademark notice is aligned with the top right of the exclamation point. This is standard in both versions of the logo. The colour of the indicia should always be the colour of the the Joomla! logotype. Do not use the Joomla! logo with the trademark (TM) X-mark.png: This version has been retired and should not be used.