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The Joomla! User Experience Team (JUX) falls under the responsibility of the Production Department, which oversees all aspects related to the code of all software lead by the Joomla! Project.

Please visit the Volunteers Portal to get an overview of the members of this team.


To lower the barrier of entry for new users by improving the Joomla user experience and interface, taking it to a new level of intuitiveness and ease of use, as well as optimize and streamline the workflows for our site integrators and seasoned users.

Ahead of the Curve

Our goal is to keep Joomla! always ahead of the curve, and to achieve that, we must brainstorm and bring about a revolution in the Joomla! interface. By harnessing the power of the UX processes, and above all, listening to our users, we, together, can shape the future of Joomla! and inspire people to do great things.