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Request for deletion? How to delete docs.joomla page?[edit]

I have done some development pages editing on this wiki, and one of the steps requiers deleting the following page, but no templates work (delete, rfd, RFD). So how, do I do this.

Page in question Setting up a testing environment Reason: Old and integrated the article into this one: Setting up your workstation for joomla development

P.S. Sorry to put that here, but I have searched for over an hour now for answers (also a quick look on joomla forum "Dos"). Might update the editing help pages. <a href="">e-motiv development</a>

The "rfd" templates no not exists. I can't recall if they ever existed in the first place an if so, who delete them.
Other pages link to Setting up a testing environment so deletion is not an option until the links are not resolved (re-linked) properly to another page page.
I may add a redirect however to the page, but please let me know if you were referring to
They all seem to deal with the same content ...
--CirTap (talkcontribs)
Apparently someone already deleted it. The remaining link was in the article I created, so I removed that, I figure, before reading this. And I was talking about the "joomla" one, not the Joomla! one.
P.S. I am still wondering if that last article, written like "Joomla!" is precisely what it means, namely setting workstation up to edit the joomla base code (if that how it's called, in opposition of e.g. extension development etc..). Because that is what I thought it was and therefore I renamed my more general page with little "j" and without "!".
--E-builds (talkcontribs)