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One glossary to rule them all

I was wondering how people should find any other possible glossaries if Glossary already "hijacks" the name but just contains terms found in the Back-end, or the CMS for that matter. We have more than just help screens in this wiki, right?

There is a help screen by the name "joomla.glossary.html" which is one of the few static help files installed locally that have content.

Other subjects are documented too that may have a need for a glossary as well, but if a user types "glossary" in the search box and hit's Go -- or simply by guessing its URL -- she'll get here unconditionally:

  1. Visitor arrives at this page only to find it does not contain the term(s) or concept she was hoping to find explained
  2. Visitor will be disappointed and gives up (or leaves)
    but maybe:
  3. Visitor blames herself for doin' something wrong, again types "glossary" in the searchbox, but this time hits Search
  4. Visitor receives a crowded result page she has to scan for a glossary of her interest
  5. Visitor is annoyed, tries Google and leaves for a nother site

Maybe Visitor comes back, but she certainly had a bad experience. Thus:

  • either add a hatnote such as {{about}} or {{for}} telling this Glossary contains CMS terms only and that other glossaries can be found elsewhere.
  • or rename this page to .. well.. something along "Glossary (CMS)" or "Glossary (Back-end)"
  • or call it "screen.glossary.15" since its considered part of the help screens anyway.
  • or make this a disambiguation page and link to other glossaries about PHP, OOP, web design, Wiki terms, you name it

If this would become a disambiguation/landing page with a nice formatted list of the available glossaries, our Visitor would get there with only two clicks instead of five. --CirTap (talkcontribs) 13:10, 14 May 2008 (EDT)