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Welcome to the Tweet Team

The official Joomla! Twitter is [1] We have 23,727 followers today (July 28th)

And we want to tweet!

"We" is at the moment

  • Javier Gomez
  • Hagen Graf [2]
  • Sander Potjer
  • Steve Burge (has no time but the password)

Basically we want to tweet each day one or more interesting links from and we need help to find the real cool links.

I (Hagen) created a Skype Chat called "Joomla! a tweet a day chat :)" Skype [3] was the easiest solution so far

We have three simple rules:

  1. no biting or scratching - translated, this means play nice!
  2. Sander, Javier and me are allowed to tweet (I don't know whether we have more user with the permission to tweet)
  3. In case of lack of consensus, any of us 3 have the final decision

Jon Neubauer and Isidro Baquero already joined the chat

Join the chat too (my skype user is hagengraf - addme and I'll add you to the chat)