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Here is a more detailed explanation of my problem I’m running joomla 1.5.9 under windows(test) and linux(production). Using instructions provided here (this same instruction has been repeateed on countless other websites)

This is what I’ve done on my test windows box

1. edited line 113 of \administrator\components\com_users\views\user\view.html.php, changing from : $gtree = $acl->get_group_children_tree( null, 'USERS', false); to : $gtree = $acl->get_group_children_tree( null, 'USERS', true );

2. I added new group to jos_core_acl_aro_groups, say NGrp, parent_id=18 as Registered group’s id=18. I got NGrp’s id=31

3. I run rebuild.php and got lft=12, rgt=13 for NGrp group

4. I added NGrp to jos_groups, id=3, name=NGrp

5. I created new user, say NUser and assigned it to NGrp group. NGrp group which, based on the visual clues of the select , is at the same level as Author group?? - Users         Public Front-end       . - Registered       .        Author       .       . - Editor       .       .       - Publisher       .       - NGrp       -  Public Back-end             - Manager                   - Administrator                         - Super Administrator

6. The NGrp only appears as selectable under Menus ?? (can live with this unless anyone can suggest a solution?) Changed access an existing menu item, say Nmenu from Registered to NGrp

8. Logged in as NUser, I went to click on the Nmenu item- it's not visible to me (or any other type of user - not even publisher)

Well, something is wrong… The question is, what am I doing wrong? AND what is the function of lft and rgt in the jos_core_acl_aro_groups table?