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Renaming the Unit Testing pages

You should see a "move" tab at the page top, if you don't: drop a note here so I can move/rename the pages for you. Don't even think to bother with copy-and-paste: move the page if possible as it preserves the edit history and logs. Existing links won't break so don't bother now.

  1. instead of Unit Testing -- Data Driven Example how 'bout:
    • Data Driven Example or
    • Data Driven Example (Unit Testing) can be "pipe-tricked"
    • Data Driven Example, Unit Testing dito
  2. Unit Testing -- a Simple Example
    • Simple Example
    similar to the above
  3. and the soon-to-come Unit Testing -- Plugin Example
    • Plugin Example
  4. Unit Testing Mock Objects (why not a "dash" for that? ;->)
    • Mock Objects
    I'd argue this can live on its own w/o any "Unit Testing" in the title; where else but in unit tests do mock objects (and in Joomla! World) appear?

The short titles are probably more convenient to use from the blogs and elsewhere, but within the wiki, the pipe trick is quiet useful to get a clean link label for the others as well.


Put this at the bottom of each page:

<noinclude>[[Category:Unit Testing]]</noinclude>

then click the Unit Testing category at the page bottom to get there, and add


to make Unit Testing itself a sub-category of Category:Development ... or Category:Bug-squad (??)

If there'll be more examples than plugin, simple, and data driven, assign them all to category "Unit Testing". On the main article you can then put

<categorytree mode=pages>Unit Testing</categorytree>

--CirTap (talkcontribs) 15:48, 13 May 2008 (EDT)