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This is for odd comments about my documentation.

March 3rd: - new version of XAMPP appears to cause problems - spending a bit of effort investigating before I update the documentation completely. I have added motes to the localhost doc!

A suggestion

Hi Lorna,

The snippet below is from!_1.6_on_your_own_computer#Before_download_and_installation

"Note: Sometimes there is a message that the database won't connect. The fix - Click Previous and remove the password. Check that the other settings are the same as you originally entered and then continue."

It comes too late in the document to be of any value. Ideally it needs to be just above the '4:Database' screengrab.

Otherwise, it's proving a very useful document!

Not sure if this is the right medium to write about this, but couldn't find another way to contact you,

Gray 04:11, 27 September 2011 (CDT)