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VEL Article[edit]

Hi Manville - Thank you for maintaining the Vulnerable Extensions List! It is quite a useful resource and I am sure it is very time consuming to maintain. As a courtesy though, I must ask you not to rollback edits made by a Joomla! Documentation wiki administrator. If an edit was made by an administrator, it was likely necessary to maintain continuty of the documentation, re-categorisation of pages or correct a small error found on the page.

In this case it was a little of two reasons. First, it was to correct a spelling error at the top of the page, from Jnuary to January. The other edit was to re-categorise, removing it from Security FAQ. The article itself is not phrased in a question and there already exists an article with the title What is a vulnerable extension? I will be rolling back my original edits. If you disagree, please contact Chris Davenport.

I understand your concerns about maintaining the list. Even more so given the fact I have made many contributions which have changed the look and style of many wiki pages, but you can rest easy. I am in no way going to change the article from the current format. I do know it provides an RSS feed which must be maintained and it is dependent on the current format of the page. I also understand the need to limit editing so others cannot change the status of a VE.

If you are interested in improving the VEL for Joomla! users and at the same time making it easier for you to update and add VE's, archive old VE's, change status, etc. I am more than willing to help. All the work would have to be done separately in wiki format, then integrated into the documentation. Just email me directly from the wiki to discuss ideas.

Take care and thanks again - Tom Hutchison (talk) 11:54, 22 October 2012 (CDT)