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System - WebAuthn Passwordless Login

WebAuthn Passwordless Login is a new authentication method implemented in Joomla 4. It adds support for WebAuthn (W3C Web Authentication). WebAuthn is a W3C standard made official

For initial documentation on this new feature, see PR #280944. The information from this PR needs to be converted into documentation here. Additional points to add to this doc:

  • Disabling the plugin
  • Enabling HTTPS
  • Configuring WebAuthn for users

Enabled by Default

The System - WebAuthn Passwordless Login is enabled by default when you install Joomla 4. When enabled, and when you access your Joomla 4 site via HTTPS, the login on the backend and front end of the site will have a "Web Authentication" button appear in as part of the login screen or login module.