What is the Joomla! community?

From Joomla! Documentation

Within the context of Free and Open Source Software projects, a community is another way of describing the collective body of individuals that contribute to a project in a positive way. Membership within the community is conditional and is earned through contribution and commitment. The Joomla! community is an amazing group of dedicated, knowledgeable, and highly skilled individuals that give their time and expertise to the project freely, without strings, and without the expectation of reward or reimbursement. Joomla! is a great project because of the contributions that these people make and it would not be the same without these people. They have each earned their place, their voice, and the respect of their peers within the community through their contributions and dedication. The community consists of the Joomla! Core Team, OSM, all the Joomla! Working Group members, as well as many, many other people that have each given a piece of themselves to the project in hope of helping the greater good, of preserving freedoms, of leveling the playing field, and even just to do something fun. We are eternally grateful to all of these people and the things they have contributed to the Joomla! project.