Why did the Beez and JA Purity template override files change in version 1.5.11?

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Joomla! installs using override files for the Beez and JA_Purity templates. These files are located in the folders "templates/beez/html" or "templates/ja_purity/html". Version 1.5.11 modifies almost all of the Beez and JA_Purity template override files in these folders. If you follow the recommended best practices, you will not modify any of these files. Instead, if you want to use the Beez or JA_Purity template and modify the override files, the recommended approach is to make a copy of the template and then use that copy in your site.

If you have modified any of the override files in these folders, these will probably be overwritten (and lost) when you upgrade to version 1.5.11. To prevent this:

  1. Back up your existing site before installing the 1.5.11 version upgrade.
  2. Upgrade to Version 1.5.11 in the normal manner.
  3. Then copy back the files from these two folders from the backup location.
  4. Finally, look at the changes made in 1.5.11 to these files and manually make the same changes to your override files.

Note that all sites using template override files are encouraged to follow the last step above. Below is an example of the code changes made in 1.5.11 that you should apply to your template override files.

Code Examples[edit]

Below is an example of the changes that were made in the layout files for 1.5.11.

File: templates/beez/html/com_content/category/blog_item.php

1.5.10, part of line 6:

<?php echo $this->item->params->get('pageclass_sfx'); ?>

1.5.11, part of line 6:

<?php echo $this->escape($this->item->params->get('pageclass_sfx')); ?>

1.5.10, line 48:

<?php echo $this->item->section; ?>>

1.5.11, line 48::

<?php echo $this->escape($this->item->section); ?>

1.5.10, line 62:

<?php echo $this->item->category; ?>

1.5.11, line 62:

<?php echo $this->escape($this->item->category); ?>

1.5.10, line 81:

<?php JText::printf('Written by', ($this->item->created_by_alias ? $this->item->created_by_alias : $this->item->author)); ?>

1.5.11, line 81:

<?php JText::printf('Written by', ($this->escape($this->item->created_by_alias) ? $this->escape($this->item->created_by_alias) : $this->escape($this->item->author))); ?>