2.5.1 User Notes System

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Joomla CMS version 2.5.1 User notes system.

This service allows you to create a one to many relationship with notes about each user in your site.

Each user of your site can have notes created and related to the user table.

Accessing the user manager will give you access to this system.

To access the notes feature look for the document icon next to the user name in the user manager user list. Or access the system from the sub menu after accessing the user manager menu.

This system also has the standard catagory system to allow you to define unlimited category levels to organize your notes in.

The user permission system is also working for this system.

The hover tool tips explain what each box could be used for.

This system is only accessible from the administrator side of Joomla at the current time.

3rd party form tool systems can access the tables and display the notes on the front end if that is desired.