ACL Technique in Joomla!

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Joomla PlatformJoomla 2.5Joomla 3.0 A technical overview of how Access Control is implemented in Joomla!.

The #__assets table

TODO: describe the Assets database table. Fields, layout and purpose.

Also see: Fixing the assets table


TODO: describe the methods of JTableAsset, a JTableNested.

Also see:

JAccessRule and JAccessRules

TODO: describe the methods of AccessRule and JAccessRules

Also see:


TODO: describe the (static) methods and (static) properties of JAccess

Also see:

Users, Usergroups and View Access Levels

Used tables and classes

Also see:

JUser authorisation methods and properties

TODO: describe the authorisation methods and properties of JUser: authorise(), authorisedLevels(), getAuthorisedCategories(), getAuthorisedGroups(), getAuthorisedViewLevels(), $_authActions, $_authGroups, $_authLevels

Also see:

JTable methods and properties for storing access permissions

TODO: describe the JTable methods and properties for storing access permissions: getRules(), setRules(), etc. is only for 1.5 and lacks those new methods and properties

Also see:


TODO: describe the use of the access.xml file

How it all comes together

TODO: describe how the above parts are used together in a workflow

Further reading

More information on Joomla!'s Access Control can be found on the following pages: