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Constructor for inputFilter class. Only first parameter is required.

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Description:JFilterInput/ construct


__construct($tagsArray=array(), $attrArray=array(), $tagsMethod=0, $attrMethod=0, $xssAuto=1)
Parameter Name Default Value Description
$tagsArray array() $tagsArray list of user-defined tags
$attrArray array() $attrArray list of user-defined attributes
$tagsMethod 0 $tagsMethod WhiteList method = 0, BlackList method = 1
$attrMethod 0 $attrMethod WhiteList method = 0, BlackList method = 1
$xssAuto 1 $xssAuto Only auto clean essentials = 0, Allow clean blacklisted tags/attr = 1

Defined in



jimport( 'joomla.filter.filterinput' );

Source Body

function __construct($tagsArray = array(), $attrArray = array(), $tagsMethod = 0, $attrMethod = 0, $xssAuto = 1)
        // Make sure user defined arrays are in lowercase
        $tagsArray = array_map('strtolower', (array) $tagsArray);
        $attrArray = array_map('strtolower', (array) $attrArray);
        // Assign member variables
        $this->tagsArray        = $tagsArray;
        $this->attrArray        = $attrArray;
        $this->tagsMethod       = $tagsMethod;
        $this->attrMethod       = $attrMethod;
        $this->xssAuto          = $xssAuto;

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