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<source lang="php">jimport( 'joomla.html.html.string' );</source>
<source lang="php">JLoader::register('JHtmlString', JPATH_LIBRARIES.'/joomla/html/html/string.php');</source>
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<span class="editsection" style="font-size:76%;">

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[Edit Descripton] Contains methods for working with strings of HTML text.

Defined in



Method name Description
truncate Truncates text blocks over the specified character limit. The behavior will not truncate an individual word, it will find the first space that is within the limit and truncate at that point. This method is UTF-8 safe.
abridge Abridges text strings over the specified character limit. The behavior will insert an ellipsis into the text replacing a section of variable size to ensure the string does not exceed the defined maximum length. This method is UTF-8 safe.


JLoader::register('JHtmlString', JPATH_LIBRARIES.'/joomla/html/html/string.php');

[Edit See Also] SeeAlso:JHtmlString


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