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Custom discover_install method

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Defined in



jimport( 'joomla.installer.adapters.library' );

Source Body

function discover_install()
        /* Libraries are a strange beast, they are actually references to files
         * There are two parts to a library which are disjunct in their locations
         * 1) The manifest file (stored in /JPATH_MANIFESTS/libraries)
         * 2) The actual files (stored in /JPATH_LIBRARIES/libraryname)
         * Thus installation of a library is the process of dumping files
         * in two different places. As such it is impossible to perform
         * any operation beyond mere registration of a library under the presumption
         * that the files exist in the appropriate location so that come uninstall
         * time they can be adequately removed.
        $manifestPath = JPATH_MANIFESTS . DS . 'libraries' . DS . $this->parent->extension->element . '.xml';
        $this->parent->manifest = $this->parent->isManifest($manifestPath);
        $this->parent->setPath('manifest', $manifestPath);
        $manifest_details = JApplicationHelper::parseXMLInstallFile($this->parent->getPath('manifest'));
        $this->parent->extension->manifest_cache = serialize($manifest_details);
        $this->parent->extension->state = 0;
        $this->parent->extension->name = $manifest_details['name'];
        $this->parent->extension->enabled = 1;
        $this->parent->extension->params = $this->parent->getParams();
        if ($this->parent->extension->store()) {
                return true;
                JError::raiseWarning(101, JText::_('Plugin').' '.JText::_('Discover Install').': '.JText::_('Failed to store extension details'));
                return false;

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