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===See also===
===See also===
* {{JVer|11.1}} '''JHtmlSelect::option source code''' on [[jplatform:html/html/select.php#cl-392|BitBucket]]
* {{JVer|11.1}} '''JHtmlSelect::option source code''' on [[jplatform:html/html/select.php#cl-392|BitBucket]]
* {{JVer|11.1}} Class [[JHtmlSelect/11.1|JHtmlSelect]]
* {{JVer|11.1}} Class [[API17:JHtmlSelect|JHtmlSelect]]
* {{JVer|11.1}} Subpackage [[Subpackage_Html/11.1|Html]]
* {{JVer|11.1}} Subpackage [[API17:Subpackage_Html|Html]]
* [[JHtmlSelect::option|Other versions of JHtmlSelect::option]]
* [[API17:JHtmlSelect::option|Other versions of JHtmlSelect::option]]
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format= ,,,
format= ,,,
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Joomla 11.1 JHtmlSelect::option


Create an object that represents an option in an option list.

Description:JHtmlSelect::option [Edit Descripton]

public static function option (
        $text= ''
        $optKey= 'value'
        $optText= 'text'
Parameter Type Default Description
$value string The value of the option
$text string The text for the option
$optKey array 'value' array. Additional attributes for this option. Defaults to none. disable: Boolean. If set, this option is disabled. label: String. The value for the option label. option.attr: The property in each option array to use for additional selection attributes. Defaults to none. option.disable: The property that will hold the disabled state. Defaults to "disable". option.key: The property that will hold the selection value. Defaults to "value". option.label: The property in each option array to use as the selection label attribute. If a "label" option is provided, defaults to "label", if no label is given, defaults to null (none). option.text: The property that will hold the the displayed text. Defaults to "text". If set to null, the option array is assumed to be a list of displayable scalars.
$optText string 'text' The property that will hold the the displayed text. This parameter is ignored if an options array is passed.
$disable false
  • Returns object
  • Defined on line 400 of libraries/joomla/html/html/select.php

See also

SeeAlso:JHtmlSelect::option [Edit See Also]

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