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This Namespace has been archived - Please Do Not Edit or Create Pages in this namespace. Pages contain information for a Joomla! version which is no longer supported. It exists only as a historical reference, will not be improved and its content may be incomplete.

Joomla 11.1 JStream


Description:JStream [Edit Descripton]


Visibility Method name Description
public __construct Constructor.
public __destruct Destructor.
public _buildContext Stream contexts Builds the context from the array.
public _getFilename Determine the appropriate 'filename' of a file.
public addContextEntry Adds a particular options to the context.
public appendFilter Stream filters Append a filter to the chain.
public applyContextToStream Applies the current context to the stream.
public chmod Chmod wrapper.
public close Attempt to close a file handle.
public copy Support operations (copy, move).
public delete Delete a file.
public deleteContextEntry Deletes a particular setting from a context.
public eof Work out if we're at the end of the file for a stream.
public filesize Retrieve the file size of the path.
public get_meta_data Get the stream metadata.
public getFileHandle Return the internal file handle.
public gets
public move Moves a file.
public open Generic File Operations.
public prependFilter Prepend a filter to the chain.
public read Read a file.
public removeFilter Remove a filter, either by resource (handed out from the append or prepend function) or via getting the filter list).
public seek Seek the file.
public setContextOptions Updates the context to the array.
public tell
public upload Upload a file.
public write File write.
public writeFile All in one Writes a chunk of data to a file.
  • Defined in libraries/joomla/filesystem/stream.php
  • Extends JObject


jimport( '' );

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