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The "API17" namespace is an archived namespace. This page contains information for a Joomla! version which is no longer supported. It exists only as a historical reference, it will not be improved and its content may be incomplete and/or contain broken links.

The Joomla Platform is a platform for writing Web and command line applications in PHP. It is free and open source software, distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later. The Joomla Content Management System (CMS) is built on top of the Joomla Platform.[1]

The Joomla! Platform

As of 24 April 2013, the Platform project has been retired. The Platform has been merged back into the CMS, and the Framework has taken its place as the standalone application framework for Joomla! applications.[2][3]

The release of the Joomla Platform on 5 July 2011[4] marked an important change in the Joomla! CMS architecture. The Joomla! CMS was initially a monolithic application. One of the aims of the Joomla! project was to separate the codebase into the CMS and an underlying library, which could then be reused for other projects. In version 1.5 and 1.6, that separation was prepared by creating a division between the Framework (CMS 1.5 and 1.6) (which is unrelated to the new Framework project) and the Joomla! CMS Application. The Joomla! Platform project continued this effort by separating that framework into an independent project (both in terms of code and organization). The Joomla! Platform is an independent set of libraries which do not depend on the Joomla! CMS Application. These libraries are made up of libraries maintained by the Joomla! Project and libraries maintained by other 3rd party developers. The Platform could be used for web and command-line applications entirely independent of and unrelated to the CMS.

The home of the Joomla! Platform was the joomla/joomla-platform GitHub repository that contains the source and documentation. The Platform stopped accepting contributions on or before 24 April 2013.

Packages and Classes[edit]

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General Information

The Platform project maintains its own documentation that may be more up-to-date than the documentation found on this Wiki:

The following Platform classes are present in version 11.1. The links below will take you to further information about each class including, where possible, examples of use.

For other versions see Platform

Class name Subpackage
ApplicationException Application
DatabaseException Database
JAccess Access
JAdapter Base
JAdapterInstance Base
JApplication Application
JApplicationHelper Application
JArchive Filesystem
JArchiveBzip2 Filesystem
JArchiveGzip Filesystem
JArchiveTar Filesystem
JArchiveZip Filesystem
JArrayHelper Utilities
JAuthentication User
JAuthenticationResponse User
JBrowser Environment
JBuffer Utilities
JButton Html
JButtonConfirm Html
JButtonCustom Html
JButtonHelp Html
JButtonLink Html
JButtonPopup Html
JButtonSeparator Html
JButtonStandard Html
JCache Cache
JCacheController Cache
JCacheControllerCallback Cache
JCacheControllerOutput Cache
JCacheControllerPage Cache
JCacheControllerView Cache
JCacheStorage Cache
JCacheStorageApc Cache
JCacheStorageCachelite Cache
JCacheStorageEaccelerator Cache
JCacheStorageFile Cache
JCacheStorageHelper Cache
JCacheStorageMemcache Cache
JCacheStorageWincache Cache
JCacheStorageXcache Cache
JCategories Application
JCategoryNode Application
JCli Application
JClientHelper Client
JComponentHelper Application
JController Application
JControllerAdmin Application
JControllerForm Application
JDaemon Application
JDatabase Database
JDatabaseExporterMySQL Database
JDatabaseExporterMySQLi Database
JDatabaseImporterMySQL Database
JDatabaseImporterMySQLi Database
JDatabaseMySQL Database
JDatabaseMySQLi Database
JDatabaseQuery Database
JDatabaseQueryElement Database
JDatabaseQueryElementMySQL Database
JDatabaseQueryElementMySQLi Database
JDatabaseQueryElementSQLAzure Database
JDatabaseQueryElementSQLSrv Database
JDatabaseQueryMySQL Database
JDatabaseQueryMySQLi Database
JDatabaseQuerySQLAzure Database
JDatabaseQuerySQLSrv Database
JDatabaseSQLAzure Database
JDatabaseSQLSrv Database
JDate Utilities
JDispatcher Event
JDocument Document
JDocumentError Document
JDocumentFeed Document
JDocumentHTML Document
JDocumentJSON Document
JDocumentRAW Document
JDocumentRenderer Document
JDocumentRendererAtom Document
JDocumentRendererComponent Document
JDocumentRendererHead Document
JDocumentRendererMessage Document
JDocumentRendererModule Document
JDocumentRendererModules Document
JDocumentRendererRSS Document
JDocumentXML Document
JEditor Html
JElement Html
JElementCalendar Html
JElementCategory Html
JElementComponentLayouts Html
JElementContentLanguages Html
JElementEditors Html
JElementFilelist Html
JElementFolderlist Html
JElementHelpsites Html
JElementHidden Html
JElementImageList Html
JElementLanguages Html
JElementList Html
JElementMenu Html
JElementMenuItem Html
JElementModuleLayouts Html
JElementPassword Html
JElementRadio Html
JElementSpacer Html
JElementSQL Html
JElementTemplateStyle Html
JElementText Html
JElementTextarea Html
JElementTimezones Html
JElementUserGroup Html
JError Error
JEvent Event
JException Error
JExtension Installer
JFeedEnclosure Document
JFeedImage Document
JFeedItem Document
JFile Filesystem
JFilesystemHelper Filesystem
JFilterInput Filter
JFilterOutput Filter
JFolder Filesystem
JForm Form
JFormField Form
JFormFieldAccessLevel Form
JFormFieldCacheHandler Form
JFormFieldCalendar Form
JFormFieldCategory Form
JFormFieldCheckbox Form
JFormFieldCheckboxes Form
JFormFieldCombo Form
JFormFieldComponentLayout Form
JFormFieldContentLanguage Form
JFormFieldEditor Form
JFormFieldEditors Form
JFormFieldEMail Form
JFormFieldFile Form
JFormFieldFileList Form
JFormFieldFolderList Form
JFormFieldGroupedList Form
JFormFieldHelpsite Form
JFormFieldHidden Form
JFormFieldImageList Form
JFormFieldInteger Form
JFormFieldLanguage Form
JFormFieldList Form
JFormFieldMedia Form
JFormFieldMenu Form
JFormFieldMenuItem Form
JFormFieldModuleLayout Form
JFormFieldPassword Form
JFormFieldRadio Form
JFormFieldRules Form
JFormFieldSessionHandler Form
JFormFieldSpacer Form
JFormFieldSQL Form
JFormFieldTel Form
JFormFieldTemplateStyle Form
JFormFieldText Form
JFormFieldTextarea Form
JFormFieldTimezone Form
JFormFieldUrl Form
JFormFieldUser Form
JFormFieldUsergroup Form
JFormHelper Form
JFormRule Form
JFormRuleBoolean Form
JFormRuleEmail Form
JFormRuleEquals Form
JFormRuleRules Form
JFormRuleTel Form
JFormRuleUsername Form
JFTP Client
JHelp Language
JHtml Html
JHtmlAccess Html
JHtmlBehavior Html
JHtmlCategory Html
JHtmlContent Html
JHtmlContentLanguage Html
JHtmlEmail Html
JHtmlForm Html
JHtmlGrid Html
JHtmlImage Html
JHtmlJGrid Html
JHtmlList Html
JHtmlMenu Html
JHtmlNumber Html
JHtmlRules Html
JHtmlSelect Html
JHtmlSliders Html
JHtmlString Html
JHtmlTabs Html
JHtmlTel Html
JHttp Client
JHttpResponse Client
JInput Application
JInputCLI Application
JInputCookie Application
JInputFiles Application
JInstaller Installer
JInstallerComponent Installer
JInstallerFile Installer
JInstallerHelper Installer
JInstallerLanguage Installer
JInstallerLibrary Installer
JInstallerModule Installer
JInstallerPackage Installer
JInstallerPlugin Installer
JInstallerTemplate Installer
JLanguage Language
JLanguageHelper Language
JLanguageTransliterate Language
JLDAP Client
JLibraryManifest Installer
JLog Log
JLogEntry Log
JLogger Log
JLoggerDatabase Log
JLoggerEcho Log
JLoggerFormattedText Log
JLoggerMessageQueue Log
JLoggerSysLog Log
JLoggerW3C Log
JMail Mail
JMailHelper Mail
JMenu Application
JModel Application
JModelAdmin Application
JModelForm Application
JModelItem Application
JModelList Application
JModuleHelper Application
JNode Base
JObject Base
JObservable Base
JObserver Base
JPackageManifest Installer
JPagination Html
JPaginationObject Html
JPane Html
JPaneSliders Html
JPaneTabs Html
JParameter Html
JPath Filesystem
JPathway Application
JPlugin Plugin
JPluginHelper Plugin
JProfiler Error
JRegistry Registry
JRegistryFormat Registry
JRegistryFormatIni Registry
JRegistryFormatJson Registry
JRegistryFormatPhp Registry
JRegistryFormatXml Registry
JRequest Environment
JResponse Environment
JRouter Application
JRule Access
JRules Access
JSession Session
JSessionStorage Session
JSessionStorageApc Session
JSessionStorageDatabase Session
JSessionStorageEaccelerator Session
JSessionStorageMemcache Session
JSessionStorageNone Session
JSessionStorageWincache Session
JSessionStorageXcache Session
JSimpleCrypt Utilities
JSimpleXML Utilities
JSimpleXMLElement Utilities
JStream Filesystem
JStreamString Filesystem
JString Utilities
JStringController Filesystem
JTable Database
JTableAsset Database
JTableCategory Database
JTableContent Database
JTableExtension Database
JTableLanguage Database
JTableMenu Database
JTableMenuType Database
JTableModule Database
JTableNested Database
JTableSession Database
JTableUpdate Database
JTableUser Database
JTableUsergroup Database
JTableViewlevel Database
JToolBar Html
JTree Base
JUpdate Updater
JUpdateAdapter Updater
JUpdater Updater
JUpdaterCollection Updater
JUpdaterExtension Updater
JURI Environment
JUser User
JUserHelper User
JUtility Utilities
JView Application
JXMLElement Utilities
API17:LogException Log