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* [[API17:Platform|Platform 11.1]]
* [[API17:Platform|Platform 11.1]]
* [[Framework]]
* [[Framework]]
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<noinclude>[[Category:Platform 11.1]][[Category:Archived pages API17]]</noinclude>

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This Namespace has been archived - Please Do Not Edit or Create Pages in this namespace. Pages contain information for a Joomla! version which is no longer supported. It exists only as a historical reference, will not be improved and its content may be incomplete.

Classes with related functions within the Joomla Framework or Platform are gathered together into groups called subpackages. Each subpackage has its own directory within the /libraries/joomla directory. For example, the Application subpackage consists of all the classes within the /libraries/joomla/application directory.

The following subpackages are available in this version:-

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