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There are several different kinds of users in Joomla and each has a set of permissions granted to them:

Guests - Anonymous users of the website, no special rights.

Registered Users - Normal visitors who register.

Authors- Can submit content for approval in the front end only. A publisher or higher must approve.

Editors - Can submit or edit existing content, front end only. A publisher or higher must approve.

Publishers - Can publish plus do any of the above, front end only.

Managers, Admins and Super Admins - All of the above plus can log into the back end w/increasing rights.

After installation, Joomla starts out with one super administrator. To add or edit new users manually, you must be at least a manager. To create admins, you must be a Super Admin. For a small organization with one web master, much of this may be unnecessary. But even if you choose not to use a publishing workflow, having a publisher or manager user is a nice way to simplify the options for less experienced users.

If someone registers at your site, a new user is created automatically. Normally these new users will become Registered Users, however you may choose your preferred access level in Joomla's global configuration.