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The Joomla! Poll Manager allows you to create multiple choice polls on any of your Web site pages.

How to Create a Poll in the Poll Manager

  1. Log in to the Administrator back-end. To learn how to do this read: Logging in or out of the Administrator back-end.
  2. Click the Components> Polls menu item. You should see the Poll Manager screen.
  3. Click the New toolbar button to create your poll.
  4. Type the question that you wish to poll in the Title field .
  5. Type an abbreviated title of your poll in the Alias field.
  6. Change, if desired, the number of seconds between votes for each user in the Lag field.
  7. Select the No or Yes radio button to publish or not your poll.
  8. Type in the Options fields the possible choices for the answers of your poll.
  9. Click the Save or Apply toolbar button to implement the new settings:
    • The Save toolbar button will save your changes and return you to the Poll Manager.
    • The Apply button will save your changes but leave you in Poll [Edit]. You can then click Close if no other changes has been made or Save to leave this screen to return back to the Poll Manager.

You should now see the title of your Poll in the Poll Manager table. If you need to edit it, you can either double click the Poll Title or select the Poll by checking the check mark box and then click the Edit the toolbar button.

Option 1: How to Publish Your Poll Using the Poll Module

In order for your visitors of your site to participate in your poll, you must now publish it in the Front-end of your site. You must first activate a new Poll module.

  1. Click the Extensions> Module Manager menu item to view the Module Manager screen.
  2. Click the New toolbar button to activate your new poll module.
  3. Select the Poll radio button from the list of installed modules.
  4. Click the Next toolbar button


  1. Type the title of your Poll module in the Title field.
  2. Select the No or Yes radio button to choose if your module title is published.
  3. Select the No or Yes radio button to enable/publish your module to your site.
  4. Select the module position from the drop down menu.
  5. Select the order that you want this module to appear on your web site if there are more than one module assigned to this position
  6. Select the Access Level as to who is able to see this module on your Web site.

Menu Assignment

  1. Select from the Menu radio buttons All, None or Select Menu Item(s) from the List. If you choose this last option, then...
  2. Select the Menu items to determine which pages you wish to appear your poll.

Parameters: Module Parameters

  1. Select the Poll from the drop down list
  2. Type the CSS class (if needed) that is included with your CSS file (Cascading Style Sheet). This class is determined by the author of your template.

Advanced Parameters

  1. Select Global or Cashing from the drop down Cashing menu.
    • Global is the setting you have for this module in the Global Configurations section of your Administrator site.  ???
    • Cashing is the setting for ???
  1. Click the Save or Apply toolbar button to implement the new settings:

You can now visualize your work in the Front-end of your site.

Option 2: How to Publish Your Poll as a Menu Item (As a Component)