Allowing user registration

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If you want your site visitors to be able to register themselves so as to gain access to additional resources, do this:

  1. enable user registration (this is the default). This is done by changing the Allow User Registration field in Global Configuration to Yes. To learn how to do this see changing user registration settings.
  2. Optional: Set the New User Registration Type field in Global Configuration to the user type that self-registered users will be given when they complete the registration process. This should normally be set to Registered (which is the default).
  3. Optional: Set the New User Account Activation field in Global Configuration:
    • If set to Yes the user will be emailed a link to activate their account before they can log in. This is the default setting. This is a simple validation step because to complete the registration process the user must enter a valid email address to which they have access. It reduces the number of spammers creating fake accounts on your website.
    • If set to No the user account will be activated immediately and the user can log in straight away (even if their email address is invalid).