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<noinclude>{{disambig}}</noinclude>'''Application''' may refer to:
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* [[Application (Package)]], a collection of PHP classes from the Joomla! Framework
* [[JApplication]], a PHP class from the Joomla! Framework
You may also browse [[:Category:Application]] for articles and tutorials about this subject.
'''Joomla! CMS:'''
== See also ==
* [[Administrator (Application)|Administrator]], the administration Back-end of the Joomla! [[CMS|Content Management System]]
=== Joomla! CMS ===
{{:Application (CMS)}}
=== Help screens ===
* [[Help15:Screen.installer.15|Extension Manager]] help screen, installed Extensions
'''Joomla! Framework:'''
* [[Application (Package)|Application]], a collection of PHP classes from the {{jf|1.5}}
<noinclude>[[Category:Application| Application]]</noinclude>
* [[JApplication]], a PHP class from the {{jf|1.5}}

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Application may refer to:

You may also browse Category:Application for articles and tutorials about this subject.

See also

Joomla! CMS

A Joomla! CMS installation consists of several Applications:

  • Site, also known as the Front-end.
  • Administrator, also known as the Back-end. It is here that you can make your major customisations for your site or front-end. You can set up how your template looks or you can add new extensions such as components, languages, modules, plugins and templates from the Joomla! Extension Directory (JED).
  • Installer is an application that helps you to install and configure Joomla on your web site. Follow the next steps at Installer. This application should be deleted as soon as installation is completed.
  • XML-RPC, known as eXtensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Call, is a method of sharing messages between client and server. Note that from version 1.6 onwards, the XML-RPC application is no longer included in the Joomla distribution.

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