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== Open Social Integration ==
== Open Social Integration ==
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This page has been archived - Please Do Not Edit or Create Pages placed in this namespace. The pages in the Archived namespace exist only as a historical reference, it will not be improved and its content may be incomplete.

This page contains a list of project proposal ideas from the Joomla! project (community members). The mentoring organization has written down a non exhaustive list of project ideas to guide the students into selecting a proper idea.

This list will be updated on a regular base, feel free to drop any other idea into into the Google Summer of Code 2008 Forum Area or use the Google Summer of Code mail list (don't forget to register to the forum and list before you can post).

We would kindly ask you not to add new projects her unless you are one of the project mentors, please discuss these on the list/forum mentioned above.

Unit Tests

Article Versioning]

Whiteboard component

Multi-site implemententation

Ability to use one install base for multiple sites.]]

Image Manager improvements

Thumbnails and image resizing, watermarking, caching, batch uploading, flood protection, enhanced security checking on file contents, per user galleries

Searching Improvements

Aadvanced search capabilities including specific content types including third party extensions, section and category, weighted searches, Ajax support, multiple tabbed results sorted differently include most recent, relevance, external API's like Google and Yahoo

Multi-lingual support

Create environment where articles can be translated and stored using same menu structure, configured SEF URLs to have translated PLUGs and language in URL

SEF URL Plugins

Various options like category/article-name.html, blog/CCYY-MM-DD/Article, etc.

MultiDB support

Create database abstraction layer and support for MySQL and PostGres


Create component that makes it easy for end users to create forms, consider Ajax support

Export and Import Tools

Create tools that make it easier for end users to migrate content into and out of Joomla!


Threaded and not threaded, support for various content-types, not just articles


Tagging for various content-types


Create a plugin for TinyMCE that makes it easy for end users to choose which add-ons they want without hacking the core


Create an PHP API for using mootools.

Error Page Handling

Create a component that will handle standard errors (ex. 404) so that headers are sent for the error code, but the error is trapped and redirected from the error.php file back to Joomla! where it can be handled on a normal webpage.

Data Portability

Implement recommendations for Site Developers for Data Portability ... developers including creating an OAuth plugin that can be used with data services

Semantic Web

Deploy Triplify for Joomla! v 1.5, mapping to existing vocabularies and exposing publicly available content and also deploy xmlgrddl, producing RDF from the xHTML content. Compare and contrast methods; evaluate which method is better or if there are situations where one is better than the other. Create extension for use by community with instructions for both.

Semantic Web - Create RDF output for standard Joomla! website using various vocabularies ; create a set of template overrides that can be used by community to produce the semantic output

Facebook Integration

Open Social Integration