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This is the procedure for adding new members to the Bug Squad. The first step is to verify that the applicant has some understanding of what the Bug Squad does and is willing and able to contribute. Once that is done, they are added to the JBS as follows:

  1. Get new member's Joomlacode login and add them as a member of the Bug Squad in Joomlacode. This gives them permission to post patches to any tracker issue and to change status codes.
  2. Get new member's email and add them to the JBS Google Group.
  3. Have new member register to add them to the JBS roster. This will identify which team the new member is initially part of.
  4. Make sure new member is aware of the Bug Squad information in the wiki, especially the Joomla! Code of Conduct and the tracker procedures.
  5. Help new member get set up with desired development and testing platform (for example, Eclipse with Subversion or Tortoise SVN).