Cannot save Global Configuration changes

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This problem is usually caused by incorrect ownership or permissions on the configuration.php file which is where the Global Configuration settings are stored. On some Joomla! installations the configuration.php file is set to read-only as an additional security measure.


In order to bypass this problem and save your configuration changes you will have to have access (ftp or ssh) to the webserver hosting your joomla site and change the permissions of the configuration.php file. Usually most hosting providers permissions scheme, comes in the form: owner(ftp_username), group (webserver username), others (word readable). If that's the case, then use your ftp client to give write access to the group of the file. If you use an cli terminal, you can go to the root path of the joomla site and execute the following command:

#chmod 760 configuration.php

!!Note!! As mentioned above this a potential security risk, so if you complete the changes, you should change to permissions 640 which is rw-r----.