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These FAQs are specific to the Joomla! 3.4.0 release. Only issues that are specific to this release will be listed here, together with suggested resolutions. Please add information to this resource. The Joomla! Bug Squad will watch over this page to ensure any new bugs are added to the tracker and resolved. Continue to use the Joomla! Forums for support requests as this is not a substitute for posting there, but rather a common location for the community to gather common release issues.

Bug Squad-Mitglieder, bitte das Formular rechts verwenden, um eine FAQ-Seite schnell zu erstellen. Nicht die Joomla-Versionsnnummer im Titel verwenden, da der Bug mehr als eine Version betreffen kann.

Den Seitentitel eingeben und zum Erstellen auf den Button klicken.

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