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What about adding an area for contributitors names/usernames who are working on the joomla documentation?

We also to be sure that not only is the documentation "grammatically" correct, it also must be "technically" correct. Having someone who is "technically" knowledgeable about joomla on this team will help to ensure that what we write "well" is also correct from technical viewpoint.

--OnTheMarkDesign 02:00, 14 October 2008 (EDT)

Well, the original plan was that the user pages would form an automatically generated list of contributors. However, over 6,000 people have now registered on this wiki and less than 1% of those have actually contributed anything. Why bother to register if you don't intend to contribute? I don't know. But the effect is that it has diluted the value of the user pages. There are contributor lists for the Doc Camp and PBF events already. If you want to start a contributor list for the wiki as a whole then make it here: Wiki contributors list. I think it is primarily an ego-stroking exercise, but I'm not against it per se.

You can call for a review of any page by adding {{review}} at the top of the page. Otherwise we rely on the community to detect and correct grammatical and technical errors. I monitor the recent changes list regularly throughout each day, primarily to remove spam, but I also try to fix any errors I happen to notice as well. I simply don't have time to read everything that is written so it is very much down to the community to peer-review any material that is posted in the same way that the code itself is peer-reviewed on a continuous basis. Chris Davenport 11:22, 14 October 2008 (EDT)