Changes from Finder 2.0.1

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This page describes the changes that have been made from Finder 2.0.1 to convert it from being Joomla! 1.5 to 1.7+ compatible.

Front End Layouts

The front end search layout and module have been redesigned to emulate the current com_search layouts. The internal logic to have overrides based on the content type (such as article or weblink) remains intact. Front end designers will only need to add the new classes and IDs to their CSS, which mostly is only changing "search" to "finder".

Plugin Events

Finder's plugin events have been converted to use the CMS's core content plugin events versus the custom events found in the 1.5 version. Third parties who have created their own Finder plugins will need to modify their plugins at a minimum to use these new events.

@TODO: Table of old events to new events

Adapter Changes

The plugins, which extend FinderIndexerAdapter, have been lightened in terms of code by moving small functions to the adapter and adding new class variables which are used throughout the plugins and the base adapter.

@TODO: A full list of moved functions and new variables