Changing the site favicon

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  1. Create a 16x16 pixel image. You may use graphic software such as Photoshop, Gimp or Windows Paint or an online tool such as
  2. Convert to ico format using free online sites such as:
  3. Copy the file to the /images directory under the Joomla! root directory.
  4. Make sure the file name is favicon.ico.

By default, the Joomla! favicon.ico file can be found in the /images directory. Some templates, however, will contain code that redirects the browser to /templates/template_name/icon. To determine where your new favicon should be, examine /templates/index.php and look for code that resembles:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" />

Alternatively, modify the index.php for the template, so that it uses your preferred name.ico file.

Editor's note: The above is not quite accurate as Joomla! will look for the favicon.ico file in the template directory automatically too. The above statements need checking and re-wording.