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The release of the Joomla Platform on 5 July 2011[1] marked an important change in the Joomla! CMS architecture. From the very beginning of Joomla!, the Joomla! CMS and its Framework, which the Joomla! CMS Application was built on, were an integral part of each other. The main difference now with the release of the Joomla! Platform is the separation of the Joomla! Framework from the Joomla! CMS Application. Before, from the previous Joomla! Framework could not be used separate from the Joomla! CMS Application. Now, the Joomla! Platform is a completely independent set of libraries which do not require the Joomla! CMS Application. These libraries are made up of libraries maintained by the Joomla! Project and libraries maintained by other 3rd party developers. 'Connectors' or 'Event Listeners' which are simply called Plugins, can now be created by 3rd party developers to interact with either or both libraries to create Applications independent of the Joomla! CMS Application.
The Joomla! Platform

For example, the Joomla! Platform can now be used to build other CMS Application.

The Joomla! Platform has a release schedule of every 3 months. The version number is determined by the the year of release. For example, 11.1 was released in 2011 and 12.1 was released in 2012.[2]

Third party developers benefit from the rich, and easily accessible functionality that the Joomla Platform provides. On this page we'd like to provide you a way to reference of all classes and respective methods of the Joomla! Platform. Use the links below to navigate to further information about Platform versions or the version classes which include, where possible, examples of use.

If you would like to help us improve this resource, please read about the API Reference Project.

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