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One of the main features of Joomla! (and one of the first to be developed) is its ability to manage your site's content. This Content Management System can be summarised as follows:

  • The smallest units of information are Articles.
  • Articles can be organised using Categories, which can form trees. (An article or category can only be in one category at a time.)
  • You can create pages on your site to show articles based on their properties. For example, you can create a page showing all articles in a certain category, or the oldest 10 articles from all categories.
  • You can control exactly which users can see which articles. For example, you may choose to hide all articles in a certain category from users that have not been approved by an administrator.

For more detailed background information, read Understanding categories and articles. For instructions on how to manage content, see Article Management.

See also: Article, Category