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=== Customise Horizontal Navigation Menus ===
=== Customise Horizontal Navigation Menus ===
[[JaPurity how to center hornav|Center the Horizontal Menus]]<br />
[[JaPurity how to center hornav|Center the Horizontal Menus]]<br />
[[Modify horizontal menu color in ja purity|Change the color of the Horizontal Menus]]
[[Modify horizontal menu color in ja purity|Change the Color of the Horizontal Menus]]
== Customisation - Intermediate ==
== Customisation - Intermediate ==

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JA Purity is a highly customizable template available by default in standard Joomla 1.5 installations. JA Purity was designed by and features the following:

  1. Screen width configuration (Fluid/Narrow/Widescreen/Fixed in pixel or percentage)
  2. Multiple colors schemes (Red, Green, Blue and Black )
  3. Well Structured, xHTML/CSS validated and SEO-optimized source
  4. Cross-browser support for Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox, Safari, Opera

If you have a support question about the JA Purity template check for a solution on the following forum.

Before You Start

Before you start hacking away at the template you may want to download the tutorial template. This will save you from worrying about any updates to the Joomla source that might overwrite your edits. Once you download the archive, rename it as and then log into the Administration area of your Joomla site and install the template. This tutorial is based on the latest template version as of Joomla version 1.5.11. You may want to use the modifications to index.php since they strip out some embedded text strings in the source and use the MACROS in the language initialization files.

Template Layout

Here's the directory structure for the template. Click to see a description of the directory contents (if available) <imagemap> Image:JA_Purity_directories.jpg default Ja purity directory structure desc bottom-left </imagemap>

Front Page

Click on the picture to see the descriptions (if available) <imagemap> Image:JA_Purity_overview.jpg rect 0 0 606 22 Customise Header Area rect 10 5 118 42 Customise the Logo rect 118 5 523 42 Customise the Header Background rect 523 0 560 22 Customise Accessibility rect 523 22 606 42 Customise Searching rect 0 42 137 721 Customise - Module Position Left rect 137 42 481 721 Customise - Main Content Area rect 481 42 606 721 Customise - Module Position Right rect 0 721 606 802 Customise - Spotlight Area rect 0 802 606 880 Customise - Module Position Footer default Customising the JA Purity template desc bottom-left </imagemap>


JA Purity Positions.png








Horizontal Navigation


User 1

User 2

User 3

User 4

User 5



Customisation - Basics

Administration Features

Enable Horizontal Navigation Menus

Customise Module Position and Content

Customise - Header Area
Customise - Module Position Left
Customise - Main Content Area
Customise - Module Position Right
Customise - Spotlight Area
Customise - Module Position Footer

Customise the Logo
Change the position of your logo

Customise the Header

Customise the Header Background
Change the Size of the Header
Add or Change the Header Color Scheme

Customise the Favicon

Customise the sites favorite icon

Customise Horizontal Navigation Menus

Center the Horizontal Menus
Change the Color of the Horizontal Menus

Customisation - Intermediate

Customise Accessibility
Customise Searching

Customisation - Advanced

Customise Overrides

Known Issues and Bugs

  • Left position fails to collapse when no module present.
  • PROBLEM: When Joomla cache is enabled reference Joomla 1.5.10 and before) and clicking a menu item it doesn't change color. It is impossible to understand which is the active menu item. SOLUTION: for now the only solution is to disable the cache function in the mod_mainmenu: go to 'Tools>Module Manager' and select the 'Main Menu' module (type=mod_mainmenu). Under 'Parameters>Advanced Parameters' select 'Caching>No Caching'.

See also

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