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The J! 1.5.x database structure includes 36 Tables Tables listing w/out prefix_

  1. banner
  2. bannerclient
  3. bannertrack
  4. categories
  5. components
  6. contact_details
  7. content
  8. content_frontpage
  9. content_rating
  10. core_acl_aro
  11. core_acl_aro_groups
  12. core_acl_aro_map
  13. core_acl_aro_sections
  14. core_acl_aro_groups_aro_map
  15. core_log_items
  16. core_log_searches
  17. groups
  18. menu
  19. menu_types
  20. messages
  21. messages_cfg
  22. migration_backlinks
  23. modules
  24. modules_menu
  25. newsfeeds
  26. plugins
  27. polls
  28. poll_data
  29. poll_date
  30. poll_menu
  31. sections
  32. sessions
  33. stats_agents
  34. templates_menu
  35. users
  36. weblinks

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