Debugging Joomla with Komodo IDE

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Download and install Komodo IDE[edit]

Download and install Komodo IDE

Create a project[edit]

Open up Komodo and create a project in your installed MAMP

located on a MAC '/applications/joomla-3.4.3-1/apps/joomla' this will display all files in the left side panel of the IDE.

This will allow you to directly edit and debug your code.

Configure IDE for debugging[edit]

Modifying the php.ini file[edit]

In order to use the debugger you need to modify the php.ini file of the Apache server you are using. Follow these instructions here

On a MAC using MAMP

  • Goto /applications/joomla-3.4.3-1/php/etc/php.ini
  • open up this file with your favourite text editor
  • do a search for xdebug you should find something like this:
;; Only Zend OR (!) XDebug

Delete the ; in front of the text under ';; Only Zend OR (!) XDebug' so it reads like this:

;; Only Zend OR (!) XDebug

Then do a search for implicit_flush you will find

implicit_flush = Off

Change the Off to On

implicit_flush = On

Save your changes

Restart your apache server

In the IDE[edit]

Open up preferences select--> languages -->PHP

Default php interpreter[edit]

Setup for debugging.

Under the label 'Default php interpreter' use the following:

  • goto 'Use this interpreter' browse to
  • Under the label 'Default composer interpreter' browse to
  • Under the label 'Path to alternative PHP configuration file' browse to

Listen for debugging[edit]

Then select in preferences -->Debugger-->Connection

Debugger Connection[edit]

Under 'Komodo should listen for debugging connections on:' Change option to 'a specific port:9000' make sure it is set to 9000 this is what should be set in the php.ini file.

Open up preferences select--> languages -->PHP Under the debugger Configuration you should see 'Successfully configured for local PHP debugging.' If not you can click on 'Re-check Config'

Click OK to save changes

Debugging options[edit]

Under the debug menu select 'Step In' this will open up a new window titled 'Debugging Options'. Create a new configuration name it 'joomlaphp' click ok

  • In Language enter in PHP
  • In Interpreter Arguments click on the arrow to the right of the area

select 'look for php.ini file in this directory'. browse to /Applications/joomla-3.4.3-1/php/etc it will then display '-c /Applications/joomla-3.4.3-1/php/etc'

  • In Script browse to


  • In Directory browse to


Under the label 'Select the interpreter to use for debugging select option' - 'Use the CGI interpreter (php-cgi or php)'.

When ok is click it will start to run and open up the index.php and stop at the first entry point. From there you can go/continue, step in, step over, and step out.

If go/continue is selected it will goto the first breakpoint in your code if you have created one.