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Four mailing lists are available to help facilitate discussion among developers in the Joomla! community.

End users of Joomla are encouraged to use:

Development Mailing Lists[edit]

Please understand that these mailing lists are strictly reserved for developers who create Joomla! extensions and write core code. In advance, thanks for respecting the guidelines.

Joomla General Development[edit]

Joomla General Development is a list for developers in the community to interact with one another, to ask and answer questions, find collaborators on project ideas, and consider how changes in coming versions might impact extensions.

This list relates to general topics about Joomla development, including development of third-party extensions. The types of discussions one might find here could include issues related to creating a router for a new component, or how to use the JForms API introduced in 1.6, or problems migrating a 1.5.x extension to Joomla! 2.5 or 3.x.

From these discussions, it is hoped that developers might summarize important topics and learning material and share that information with other developers on the Wiki.

If you are a Joomla! developer who creates third party extensions or participates in Joomla! core development, you are welcome to sign up for this email list at Joomla General Development list.

Joomla CMS Development[edit]

Joomla! CMS Development Mail List

This list is for discussions around building the Joomla! CMS. If you are a Joomla! developer who contributes core CMS code, including new features, you should subscribe to this list.

Questions about impact on extensions should be asked in Joomla General Development list not this list. End user questions on how to use the CMS or share ideas on improvements should not be posted on this mail list.

Following the January 2009 Joomla! Developer Coordinator Summit, a list of "strongly desired" items for 1.6 was shared, along with an invitation to third party developers to take an item and contribute the feature to the core CMS. Discussions related to the development of those items are good examples of the type of discussion one might find in this list.

Important links for the Joomla CMS code and the bug and issue tracker can be found at:

Joomla Framework Development[edit]

Joomla Framework Development Mail List

This list is open to those who contribute code for the Joomla! core Framework. End user and extension development questions should not be asked on this list.

The mailing list is set up for Q&A format to please ask any questions you have about using the Joomla Framework, improving it, fixing it or even future directions.

The Joomla Framework code can be found at:

The Joomla Framework is installed with an application called Composer and you can get it from - if you are having any problems getting Composer working, please use their mailing list at for support.

Joomla Bugsquad[edit]

The Joomla Bug Squad Mail List can be read by anyone, but is restricted for posting to working members of the Joomla! Bug Squad. If you are interested in joining the Joomla! Bug Squad, contact Mark Dexter or Nick Savov.

Deprecated Lists[edit]

The following lists are deprecated. They are included on this page for completeness, and because you may still find answers to your questions in their archives.

List Etiquette[edit]

It is not anticipated that a strict set of rules will be needed for the developer lists, all participants on the mail lists are expected to comply with our Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Time is a precious commodity for everyone. It is appreciated when questions are researched properly prior to asking them. It is especially appreciated when people take a bit of time to document a solution and share that with others on Joomla Docs.