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Chester is a 35-year-old programmer, he has a BS degree in comp sci and has worked for Honeywell for the past 5 years. He is well versed in these languages:

  • Java
  • PHP
  • C/C++
  • SQL
  • Javascript/HTML

He's a big believer in open source software and even though he may write proprietary code on his job, he likes to spend about 10 hours a week contributing to Joomla's code base. He is a part of the Joomla security team and is responsible for evaluating code and looking for security weaknesses.

Those ten hours he spends tends to look like this: [fill in the blanks]

Chester needs access to Joomla documentation to see how other aspects of the code base works. He is most likely going to search on the following terms in the search field: [fill in the blanks]

The most important GOALS for Chester in using Joomla documentation is: [fill in the blanks]

The most important GOALS for Chester in writing Joomla documentation is: [fill in the blanks]

Chester's most trying frustration with documentation in the past has been: [fill in the blanks]

Chester would like to see the following things changed in the Joomla documentation: [fill in the blanks]