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{{Chunk:Developer profile}}
A complete contents list of all pages of interest to developers can be found in the [[:Category:Development|development category]].
== Reference Material ==
* [[Framework|Joomla Framework]].
* [ API documentation] automatically generated using phpDocumentor.
== Articles and Tutorials ==
=== General ===
* [[Setting up your workstation for Joomla! development]].  A step-by-step guide to installing the Eclipse IDE on your local workstation for Joomla! development.
* [[Setting up your workstation for extension development]] A guide to Joomla Extension development
* [ Using Eclipse for Joomla! Development] Video webinar demonstrating overview of Eclipse features for Joomla! development
* [[Extension development using eclipse and phing]] This article explains one way in which you can set up your workstation for writing Joomla! extensions. It assumes that you are using Eclipse and that you are familiar with using Eclipse for working with Joomla! and Subversion. For more information about the basics of getting started with Eclipse for Joomla! development.
* [[Tortoise SVN]]
* [[Running Automated Tests for Version 1.6]] {{JVer|1.6}}
* [[How to debug your code]] ([[Do not use die to debug]]!)
* [[Joomla Beginning Developer Course]]
* [[Secure coding guidelines]]
* [[Development Best Practices]]
=== Migration ===
* [[Adapting a Joomla 1.0 extension to Joomla 1.5]]
* [[Adapting a Joomla 1.5 extension to Joomla 1.6]]
* [[Version 1.6 Developer Notes]]
* [[Making single installation packages for Joomla! 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7]]
=== Components ===
=== Modules ===
=== Plugins ===
=== Templates ===
* [[Standard parameter types]]
* [[Custom parameter types]]
* [[Component parameters]]
* [[Creating custom template parameter types]]
See also: [[:Category:Parameters]]
=== Core extensions summary ===
* [[Banner component]] {{JVer|1.6}}
=== Security ===
* [[How to add CSRF anti-spoofing to forms]]
* [ Preventing SQL Injections]
* [[Securing Joomla extensions]]
=== Database ===
* [[How to use the database classes in your script]]
* [[How to use the JTable class]]
* [[How to connect to an external database]]
=== Localisation ===
* [ Localization Advancements in Joomla! 1.5]
* [[Adding multi-language support]]
* [[Language Guidelines for 3rd Party Extensions]]
* [[Adding Joomfish functionality to custom components]]
* [[Specification of language files]] {{JVer|1.6}}
* [[Language Metadata]] {{JVer|1.6}}
=== Access Control ===
* [[Access Control System In Joomla 1.6]] {{JVer|1.6}}
=== Miscellaneous ===
* [[How to use the filesystem package]]
* [[API Execution Order]]
* [[Accessing the current user object]]
* [[Adding JavaScript and CSS to the page]]
* [[Constants]] used in the Joomla [[Framework]].
* [[Client-side form validation]]
* [[How to create a custom button]]
* [[How to create a stand-alone application using the Joomla! Framework]]
* [[How to use user state variables]]
* [[Adding template overridable images in your extension]]
* [[Retrieving data from GET and POST requests]]
* [[Cache]] and [[Using caching to speed up your code]]
* [[Using the installer API to support package installation]]
* [[How to add tooltips to your Joomla! website]]
* [[Display error messages and notices]].
* [[Errors]]
* [[Creating a custom form field type]] {{JVer|1.6}}
== Contributing to Joomla Development ==
The development of Joomla itself is carried out by the [[Development Working Group]] and third party developers.
* [[Participating in the community]]: a brief description of how people can get involved.
* [[Developer Email lists]]: a list of email lists for developers, including third party developers.
* [[Coding style and standards]] (To be reviewed).
* [[Setting up your workstation for Joomla! development]].  A step-by-step guide to installing the Eclipse IDE on your local workstation for Joomla! development.
* [!_development_--_Part_2#Check_Out_Joomla.21_Source_Code How to check out SVN Code]
* [[Patch submission guidelines]].
* [[Filing bugs and issues]].
* [[How to release a distribution tarball]].
* [[How to create a continuous integration]].
== Contributing to Joomla Developer Documentation ==
The development of Joomla developer documentation is carried out primarily by the [[Documentation Working Group]].  There are currently two sub-projects of interest to developers:
* [[Joomla! 1.5 Template Tutorials Project]]
* [[API Reference Project]]
When creating a new page, ensure you place the following marker at the bottom of the page so it is included in the category list:
If you locate other articles you think are relevant to developers, please add this marker to those pages.
=== Suggested topics ===
This is a short list of articles that might be written to support developers.  Please feel free to add further topic ideas.
* [[Adding configuration objects to modules and plugins]].
* [[Storing data in the session between page loads]].
* [[Suppressing output of extra HTML]].
* [[How to use the filter package]].
*: Describe how and when to use the Filter package and explain what needs to be filtered for various situations (for queries, for URLs, etc)
* [[How to use the registry package]]
* [[How to use JSimpleXML]].
*: How to load and store XML files and how to work with them
* [[How to create component feeds]] (RSS/ATOM)
* [[How to create PDF views]]
* [[How to generate paths for client side and server side]]
* [[How to access information from the request]]
*: This focuses on using the JBrowser class to retrieve information about the features available in the user's browser.
* [[How to create an editor plugin]]
* [[What can be done with a user plugin]]
* [[How to work with parameters]]
* [[How to cloak email addresses]]
* [[Using the caching system in your component]]. This might be enough (for now?) -> [[Cache]]
* [[Extending Joomla's MVC Architecture]]
==Joomla Security Guide==
Developers should also be aware of security issues.
{{Security Guide}}
[[Category:Joomla! user profiles]]

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