Development Strategy of Joomla!

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This document covers all aspects of Joomla! development and contains a lot of information in several areas of interest. Some of the questions that we will answer include, "How does the team function as a development group?", "How are decisions made?", "What the overarching processes are in the life cycle of the software?" etc. etc.

This section is a complete re-write of the development strategy of Joomla! This documentation has been created after we have done an evaluation of the Joomla! 1.5 development cycle. The main "chapters" of the documentation can be found in the sections below. Please click on the corresponding link below to read the topic in more detail. We suggest you take a look at the Development FAQ if you look for a specific topic, but don't know where to start.

This document holds several references to other more in-depth articles. If you are interested, or maybe even responsible for a certain area of the project, please take note of this information. For readers that want to quickly jump ahead to a certain topic we offer a brief directory below that is designed to accommodate various audience members based upon a "reader’s profile".