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<translate> As a documentor you have the unenviable task of creating material for a wide range of readers from beginning users to advanced professional developers. You will need to know how to use various tools (such as this wiki) and you will need to read guidelines and other meta documents. You will probably need to update those documents over time too.</translate>


Please be aware that the official language of the project is British/Australian English. There is a tendency for American spellings to creep into the documentation; feel free to correct these wherever you see them.

The following material is important for documentators working on all areas of the Joomla! project.

Documentation wiki

<translate> The bulk of the documentation effort now revolves around this wiki. </translate> <translate>

  • Please refer to the Docs Wiki Roadmap for a complete overview of tasks.
  • If you are new to MediaWiki then you should consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.
  • There are some conventions for making sure the Wiki remains organized.

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  • You might want to take a look at

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  • Pages that define terms can be added to the Glossary, but not by adding [[Category:Glossary]] to the page. Please see Talk:Glossary for more information.

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Internal References

</translate> {{JDOC:Local wiki references/<translate> en</translate>}}

Help screens

The Documentation Working Group is responsible for writing and maintaining the official help screens. For Joomla! versions up to and including 1.5.x the help screens must be hosted on a Joomla! instance. From Joomla! 1.6 onwards the help screens will be hosted on this wiki.