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This page covers events involving the Joomla! Documentation Working Group only.

Forthcoming Events

Pizza Bugs and Fun 2 21-22 June 2008
Something for everyone at the Joomla! Bazaar: coding, documentation, testing and other fun stuff. If you have always wanted to contribute to the project but didn't know how, then this is your chance to get started. Everyone is welcome, regardless of your level of experience. This is a great way for Joomla! developers, designers, site builders, and end users all over the world to give something back to the project and be able to claim "I helped make Joomla! better."


hey the joomla days is going well

Joomla! Doc Camp 2

Doc Camp 2 morphed into one of the "stalls" in the Joomla! Bazaar. See Pizza Bugs and Fun 2.

Past Events

Google Highly Open Participation Contest


The Google Highly Open Participation Contest for pre-university students (high school and secondary school students) took place between November 2007 and February 2008 and was aimed at encouraging young people to participate in open source projects. Joomla! is proud to have been invited to join with nine other open source organisations for this pilot program. Tomasz Dobrzyński was unanimously selected as Joomla!'s 2008 Grand Prize Winner of the Google Highly Open Participation Contest. Tomasz completed seven tasks during the competition.

  1. Translate part of the Installation Manual to a non-English Language - output - forum thread
  2. Create a Blog Entry Date Calendar Icon Plugin for Joomla! v 1.5 - output - forum thread
  3. Create a Joomla! v 1.5 Plugin to update Twitter status with article title when published - output - forum thread
  4. Carry out GHOP unit test on the Joomla1 1.5 Test Package for the Front Page Manager - output - forum thread
  5. Carry out GHOP unit test on the Joomla1 1.5 Test Package: Template Manager - output - forum thread
  6. Carry out GHOP unit test on the Joomla1 1.5 Test Package: Menu Manager - output - forum thread
  7. Implement Avatar/Gravatars for Joomla! v 1.5 - output - forum thread

Selecting a winner was difficult because there were many deserving contestants. In review, it was obvious that GHOP was more than a contest for Tomasz. He demonstrated what contributing to a free software community should be like. He discovered that learning is fun, he expressed joy in sharing what he produced with others, he was proud to contribute his gifts, and he was honoured to be a part of the Joomla! community. As is true with many other contestants, Tomasz inspired those of us who worked with the program and reminded us why we also contribute.

We congratulate Tomasz Dobrzyński on this well deserved honor and we thank him, and each of the others, who contributed to the Joomla! community.

All completed contest tasks are available for review and download.

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Joomla! Doc Camp

Documentation all together.jpg

The first Joomla! Doc Camp event took place over the weekend of 19 January 2008. Although most of the activity took place online, we were joined by physical locations in Vancouver, Canada and Brussels, Belgium. A huge "thank you" to all who contributed during the event. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

Please read the Joomla! Doc Camp Report.

You can see the results (and continue to work on the documentation) here: Joomla! Doc Camp.

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