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The events working group or better the team of events mentors is responsible for the support for all world wide events. There is a small team of mentors that assist the regional organizers in their preparation for Joomla!Days or help the regional JUG's to participate on an exhibition or conference.

You can find further details about Joomla! events on the community page at:

Requesting a Joomla!Day or support for an other event

If you are interested in organizing a Joomla! related event such as Joomla!Day or a exhibition in which you promote Joomla! a formal request is required. In order to arrange or promote your own local Joomla!Day, you simply need to complete two items: (1) fulfill the requirements defined in the Joomla!Day Charter, (2) submit a Joomla!Day request form.

If you have questions, please send to events at A member of the supporting events team will help you through the process.

Public information related events

All event discussions are taking place in the joomla forum. Within this forum the team of event organizers world wide also has a private sub-forum in which you can freely speak about your issues and problems with your events. You will find others who are also trying to get their events organized and help.

We have a set of public documents and templates for event which are located in the joomlacode project. There is more material available after your registered your event (see above).

Events Team Wiki

We intend to grow this wiki with further information and guidelines how to organize your event. If you have suggestions ideas and so on please feel free to add a page to this wiki below.

Upcoming Joomla!Days

Find all the upcoming Joomla!Days in the Events page

Joomla!Days History

Find all the past Joomla!Days here and get Idea's for your Joomla!day

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