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The events working group or better the team of events mentors is responsible for the support for all world wide events. There is a small team of mentors that assist the regional organizers in their preparation for Joomla!Days or help the regional JUG's to participate on an exhibition or conference.

You can find further details about Joomla! events on the community page at:

Requesting a Joomla!Day or support for an other event

If you are interested in organizing a Joomla! related event such as Joomla!Day or a exhibition in which you promote Joomla! a formal request is required.

Please sent this request directly to events at A member of the supporting events mentors will get in touch with you and will formally give you the required approval.

Public information related events

All event discussions are taking place in the joomla forum. Within this forum the team of event organizers world wide also has a private sub-forum in which you can freely speak about your issues and problems with your events. You will find others who are also trying to get their events organized and help.

We have a set of public documents and templates for event which are located in the joomlacode project. There is more material available after your registered your event (see above).

Events Team Wiki

We intend to grow this wiki with further information and guidelines how to organize your event. If you have suggestions ideas and so on please feel free to add a page to this wiki below.

Upcoming Joomla!Days

Joomla!Day Las Vegas, USA - April 3,4 & 5 2009

The Joomla Project will be landing in the southwest U.S. for Joomla Day Las Vegas on April 3-5, 2009. Taking place at the Montelago Village Resort, the theme of the event is "See Joomla's Future." With the rapid development of Joomla 1.6, all developers, designers, integrators, and site administrators will want to get first hand knowledge of how to take advantage of new features and keep their work cutting-edge. Speakers will include Development Coordinators Andrew Eddie, Anthony Ferrara, Louis Landry, and Wilco Jansen.

In a peaceful venue outside exciting Las Vegas, Nevada, an engaging lineup of speakers (including SEO expert Steve Burge and development team member and cutting edge extension developer Rob Schley) will cover a wide range of topics, from beginners new to Joomla to advanced development.

Training classes on Friday, April 3 will cover three distinct tracks for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced users—ranging from setting up your first Joomla site to security and programming. Those with Joomla 1.0.x sites and extensions willl get plenty of help moving into the future from core developers.

Saturday’s conference will cover a wide breadth of topics from an Introduction to Joomla to design and development. Whether you're a seasoned developer or someone just getting their feet wet, there will be plenty to learn and all will gain valuable guidance and networking opportunities.

Taking advantage of all the developers and project leaders gathered for the event, Sunday will be reserved for a code event like "Pizza, Bugs & Fun" or a code sprint and focused on Joomla 1.6 development. This is a great chance to join the community-oriented development process recently outlined for Joomla 1.6.

More information on the speakers and the venue can be found at Register by February 15th for Joomla Day Saturday to guarantee a personalized Joomla Day t-shirt. Thanks to all event sponsors such as Rochen Performance Hosting,, JCal Pro and Beyond Innovation Studios.

Joomla!Day Madistone, UK - March 13 & 14 2009

The second UK Joomla! Day is set to take place over Friday, 13th and Saturday, 14th March 2009, at the Oakwood House Conference Centre, Maidstone, Kent. This is a community event and accordingly is not split into separate business and community days. We will however be running multiple tracks of presentations during the two days. These will appeal to all levels of Joomla! user from all business sectors. You choose which presentations you wish to attend.

The main tracks for the presentations cover Administration, Hosting and Security, Development, Design, and industry Sectors, and within those there will be content applicable to Newcomers, Intermediates, Developers, Designers, Web hosts, and pretty much anyone else you can think of with an interest in Joomla! Most of the presentations are scheduled for 45 minutes each.

In addition there will be plenary presentations on:

- Q&A sessions at the end of each day - creating JUG’s in the UK - where the project is currently … with 1.5 - where the project is going … with 1.6 and beyond - Fame-4-5 (9 x 5 minutes) - Lump it on Louis

We have a tremendous line-up of the Joomla! good and great (and others ;) ) all aiming to make this a memorable event for the UK Joomla! community.

There are social activities for the event too; on Thursday night we will be holding the Eleventh Hour event for the early arrivals to get together and socialise with the Joomla! Core Team and OSM Board members, and your peers; and on Friday night we will have the Shining event (well it is Friday the 13th after all!) which will follow a similar vein. There will also be plenty of other opportunities to network with many of the good and great as well as your own peers.

The event cost is just £45 per day, plus a small ticket purchase fee. This price includes the presentations, coffee breaks, and a buffet luncheon. There are no separate charges for any of the presentations, breakout groups, or workshops that will take place. There is wireless connectivity throughout the conference centre in case you have time to check your e-mails. We will also be providing a CD of the event, and there will be a "goodie bag". Please note that this is an advanced ticket sales event only; there will be no tickets available at the door on the days of the event.

This is a not-for-profit community event based on the ideals of Joomla!

We remain open for sponsorship offers and are still looking for volunteers to help out over the two days.

For the very latest details be sure to check out as often as possible.

Joomla!Day Melbourne AU, February 7 & 8 2009

On February 7 & 8, 2009, is a weekend packed with presentations and workshops, embracing and catering for the entire Joomla community—from beginners to developers.

The program on Saturday (7 Feb) comprises a progression of Joomla related topics. We begin with essential background information, setting up a Joomla site, moving through design, extensions, security and improvements, before unleashing Joomla's largely unknown features that make a developer's life much easier. And there won't be a JoomlaDay in Melbourne without a major release just out or imminent: Get to know Joomla 1.6 with all its exciting new features and the long awaited extended access control level.

On Sunday (8 Feb) we offer two amazing workshops with Andrew Eddie and Jim Stewart for people who are serious about Joomla.

All details are on

Please note that Melbourne JoomlaDay 08 was sold out. Register early to secure your spot. We are able to upgrade the lecture theatre if registrations come in EARLY!!!

Melbourne JoomlaDay 09 is sponsored by Zac-Ware, Rochen Hosting, and the Australian Mathematical Science Insitute.

If you like to get the full exposure to a large Australia wide Joomla audience, read more about our Melbourne JoomlaDay 09 Sponsorship Packages.