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Angalia pia: [[Tables/extensions/sw|Jedwali ya kiendelezo]]
Angalia pia: [[Tables/extensions/sw|Jedwali ya kiendelezo]]
[[Category:Landing Pages]][[Category:Glossary]]
[[Category:Landing Pages/sw|Kurasa za kutua]] [[Category:Glossary/sw|Glossary]]

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Kiendelezo ni paketi ya programu ambayo itakupanulia usakinishaji wako wa Joomla! kwa namna fulani. Chaguo dogo la viendelezo ni pamoja na difoti ya usakinisaji wa Joomla! – lakini pia mengi zaidi yanapatikana kutoka kwa Saraka ya Viendelezo vya Joomla!.

The term extension is generic and the following specific extension types are available:

  • Component (since Joomla 1.0) – adds custom functions to your site that can be selected from menus
  • Language (since Joomla 1.0) – defines an additional language for your site
  • Library (since Joomla 2.5) – provides functions to be used by other extensions
  • Module (since Joomla 1.0) – shows nonessential data in a side box, possibly on multiple pages
  • Package (since Joomla 2.5) – bundles related extensions
  • Plugin (since Joomla 1.5) – modifies content in articles or provides functions to extend other extensions
  • Template (since Joomla 1.0) – define the look, feel, and navigation capabilities of your site

Kwa muhtasari zaidi wa aina ya viendelezo muhimu na kazi namna vinavyopeana, angalia Aina ya Viendelezo (Mafafanuo ya Ujumla).

Angalia pia: Jedwali ya kiendelezo