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Extensions distribution its done by authors

Donwload links

  • The JED requires a direct download link to the file or to a landing download page.
  • Extensions that requires registration, subscriptions or payment to process the download also needs to have a direct landing page.
  • The landing page must be unique for each extension.
  • Extensions without working links will be unpublished

Hosting files: non-commercial projects

Only for non-commercial projects: Avoid reaching bandwidth limit, server downtime by creating a source code repository for your files

Repositories: Joomlacode

Please consider to create a project where you can have a download area, tracker, forum and other resources to help developers and your extensions users. With we aim to help build Open Source tools and extensions for the Joomla! user community by providing resources to help developers work together in an Open Source spirit.

Repositories: Alternatives

Repositories: Shared files

  • Shared hosting files are not allowed as download links

Repositories: Forums

  • Forum links are not allowed as download links

Hosting files: commercial projects

When you host the extensions files in your server you are not allowed to also host:

  • No political, religious, sexual explicit or offensive material in the site
  • No distribution of copyright infringement works are allowed in the same site
  • You must follow the rules on Joomla trademark and Logo usage
  • To use a domain name with the word Joomla or derivative in it requires a Domain Name Request at OSM: