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=== XML tags ===
=== XML tags ===
as in:
as in:
<name>Jedi Lightsaber</name>
* <name>Jedi Lightsaber</name>
<menu>Jedi Lightsaber</menu>
* <menu>Jedi Lightsaber</menu>
=== File names ===
=== File names ===
as in:
as in:
* mod_jedilightsaber.xml
* mod_jedilightsaber.php

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To name your extension its an art and part of a marketing strategy. But you also need to stay away of name conflicts with extensions already listed at JED. Extension names will impact in the extension structure and URLs after installed, so plan ahead!

Choosing a name

Using a name similar to another extension?

  • Users could be confused and send bad reports or reviews to your extension but that was intended to the other
  • Security reports for an extension with similar names could confuse users
  • Just adding your company name couldn't be sufficient to make users aware of the differences
  • You should stay away from brand disputes with other developers

How to create a good extension name?

Be creative and think on a brand: think about marketing for your extension, not for others brand!

  • Try to make up a new word for your brand name
  • Choose a name thats easy and cool to pronounce
  • Needs to be short as your XML and PHP files will be named after extension name. URLs on Joomla! sites will suffer too!
  • Avoid descriptive names as they are longer and more difficult to promote
  • To make it easy to search use your description text at JED, not the name!

Extension names at JED

An extension name will be considered in conflict when its too similar to other extension. This is a JED Editors call. When extension names are in conflict, JED will consider the first extension submitted, even if not published anymore. The more recent ones will be required to change their names.

Different extensions, different names

  • Your extension name needs to be different from any extension already submitted to JED (company names not included)
  • The extension name must be stated at the XML file tag NAME
  • You should use the same name in your site when referring to the extension, especially in the download page

JED entry name: the Do's

The JED entry name its approved by JED Editors

  • XML file tag NAME needs to be the same as the extension entry name
  • Components Admin menu needs to be the same as the Extension name
  • The word "Free", "Light", "Pro" can be added to diferentiate two extensions from the same developper but with different distribution plans (as in non-commercial Lite version and commercial Pro version )

JED entry name: the Don'ts

  • Offensive words, political or religious statements.
  • Extension types as they are not considered part of the extension name. This will be used only for the same developer extensions if required (module and plugin versions)
  • Version number (there is a field for that)
  • Price tags, commercial promotions or URL domains
  • Company name or author name (there is a field for that)

Joomla as a word

Word "Joomla" and the extensions name

We at the Joomla Extensions Directory have a direct interest in maintaining the integrity of the Joomla brand. As such, we cannot allow violations of the Joomla trademark, logo, brand, etc., to be placed in or linked from the Joomla Extensions Directory.

  • An extension name can't start with the word "Joomla".
  • Extensions that use "Joomla" or a derivative of Joomla in the extension name or the domain name need to be licensed by OSM.

You can find more information about our policy:

Joomla! Licensed

To be licensed you need then to fill one of the following forms to OSM:

Name registered

Where will JED look for the real extension name? In the XML tags and code file names. Some special tags need to be the same (spaces not included).

XML tags

as in:

* <name>Jedi Lightsaber</name>
* <menu>Jedi Lightsaber</menu>

File names

as in:

* mod_jedilightsaber.xml
* mod_jedilightsaber.php

Special cases


If you need to re-brand an old extension and avoid conflicts in installed sites please talk with JED team first.


Forked extensions have special rules to be listed at JED. The extension name also needs to be changed and cannot use the old one so it is very clear that this is a separate project. Please read: TOS - Extensions and Forks