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When submitting an extension to JED a question will appear: Free or Commercial?

Type: Commercial or non-commercial?

According your distribution plan you need to select a type tag: commercial/non-commercial

Type to list at JED entry
Model Type
Download for free non-commercial
Download for free with registration non-commercial
Require payment to download Commercial
Require payment/subscription/donation to support (configure, install). Extension works without support non-commercial
Require payment/subscription/donation to remove visible links (users are able to remove the links themselves) non-commercial
Require payment/subscription/donation to remove hidden links (users are able to remove the links themselves) non-commercial (will get Editors note)
Trial version Commercial
Light version for a Full version Only listed if its non-commercial.
  • No double list allowed:
    • No to "Light free" for a "full free" version
    • No to "Light commercial" for a "full commercial" version
    • Yes to "Light free" for a "full commercial" version
Require payment/subscription/donation to privileged updates. Security fixes will be public available non-commercial

Distributions models not accepted

Not listed
Model Type
Require payment/subscription/donation to remove links (users are not able to remove the links themselves) not allowed (GPL restrictions)
Double model: Free for non-profit sites and commercial for profit sites not allowed (GPL restrictions)

From non-commercial to Commercial

Users tend to vote and review non-commercial extensions more favorably.

To ensure fairness and accuracy in votes and reviews, all votes and reviews made before the change will be removed